A component of the EU’s Startup Europe initiative

Startup Europe’s Accelerator Assembly is the network for 

startup accelerator programmes in Europe. 


Born out of the European Commission's leadership towards supporting tech entrepreneurs, Accelerator Assembly is a key part of the EU initiative called Startup Europe.

The Accelerator Assembly is an industry-led network, delivered by Startup Olé Accelerator, with the support of Nesta, How to Web, Techstars London, UPGlobal, Betahaus and Wayra UK.

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The European Commission's Startup Europe initiative was created to connect tech entrepreneurs across Europe, providing networks, resources and information to help them startup their business and grow, creating new jobs and transforming the economy and society.

Find out what went down in the 

Accelerator Assembly Forum @Startup Olé 2019

About Us

Startup Europe’s Accelerator Assembly is an industry-led network, created by the European Commission, that connects accelerators, entrepreneurs and policy makers, in order to strengthen the support offered to web startups across Europe.

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It does this by:

  • Creating an online community to share learning and best practices

  • Gathering research and evidence to improve the knowledge on accelerators and web startups in Europe

  • Bringing the accelerator community together with events and workshops

  • Supporting accelerators to connect with policy makers and participate in future EU policy to improve the environment for web entrepreneurship in Europe

Why and What do we hope to achieve?

Despite the rapid growth of the digital economy in Europe, many tech entrepreneurs still lack access to adequate resources and support to get their startup off the ground.

The Accelerator Assembly aims to strengthen the support environment for web entrepreneurs in Europe, in order to stimulate the growth of tech startups and create more successful and sustainable businesses that will contribute to economic growth and employment.

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Sponsors and Supporters

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Sponsors of the Assembly

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